Illinois Republicans reports budget deal

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Illinois Republican senators say lawmakers are nearing an agreement on a six-month budget plan and a full-year’s funding for public schools.

The tentative plan includes a $485 million increase for elementary and secondary education. Sen. Pam Althoff — a McHenry Republican — says that’s the $235 million that GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner proposed and a $250 million equity grant to help schools with underprivileged low-income students.

Sen. Dave Syverson (SEE’-vur-suhn) of Rockford says $100 million of that goes to the Chicago Public Schools. But he says it’s not the “bailout” for Chicago that Rauner opposes because the equity grant helps all schools.

Althoff says there’s $673 million in the six-month budget plan for human services. That includes $20 million to restore programs such as the long-standing Teen REACH program that Rauner proposed ending.