Milner urging support for police as street gang threatens CPD officer’s life

MARION COUNTY — Bill Milner, Republican candidate for Marion County State’s Attorney, is voicing major concern over increased gang activity in the community, and the immediate threat it’s placed upon the life of one specific Centralia Police officer.

Bill Milner (Source: Bill Milner)
Bill Milner
(Source: Bill Milner)

“Sources within the Centralia Police Department have confirmed a specific threat has been made against the life of a Centralia Police officer,” says Milner. “The source confirms the threat against the officer is coming from the Danville based street gang RudeBoys, which is operating in Centralia and Marion County.”

Milner is proactively working with law enforcement on the issue, and cites his CPD source as saying there is great concern within the department for officer safety, as well as for the community.

According to Milner, his source confirms that since the arrival of the RudeBoys in the community there has been an increase in violent crime, including murder.

They have seen an increase in the flow of drugs into the community and throughout the county; an increase of drug activity in the community; an increase in drug related crimes, such as gun thefts and robberies; an increase in overdoses and overdose deaths.

There has also been a spike of counterfeit cash appearing in neighboring communities inside and outside of Marion County.

Milner applauds CPD for working and consulting with law enforcement in Danville, explaining that they have been extremely helpful in identifying gang members as they come into the Centralia area, and sharing information about what has worked against the RudeBoys and what has not.

But Milner also notes that Danville authorities have also advised CPD of specific precautions to take when approaching individual gang members, due to specific dangers they’ve found in those situations.

While Milner remains extremely concerned for the safety of our local law enforcement, he encourages the community to get behind law enforcement and support them in their efforts.

Milner says that as state’s attorney, he will work closely with law enforcement to provide them with the tools and support they need to put a stop to gang activity and its associated crimes in Marion County.

“These gang members have come into our community for one reason,” explains Milner. “They’re making money. If we make their stay here less profitable, there will be no reason for them to stay. One ways is if we seize their cash, and we seize their property, and make crime in our county too expensive to be profitable, they’ll take their business, their crime, and their drugs out of our community.”