Man drives SUV into “Black Lives Matter” demonstrators in Carbondale

CARBONDALE — More details are being released regarding an incident last night during a demonstration in downtown Carbondale during which an SUV reportedly drove through protesters, resulting in a physical confrontation.

According to the Carbondale Police Department, around 10 o’clock Sunday night, Black Lives Matter demonstrators were returning to the town square pavilion, when in the 200 block of East Main Street blocking vehicular traffic a vehicle attempted to pass through the demonstrators.

An online video of the incident shows the driver stop his vehicle just before the demonstrators, get out of his vehicle and begin shouting at protesters, “All lives matter, not blacks, all lives,” the driver said.

He then gets back into his vehicle, revs his engine, and speeds through the group.

An unknown demonstrator either was struck by the passing vehicle or jumped on the hood of the vehicle.  The vehicle then drove off before stopping a block away.

The demonstrators followed the vehicle and subsequently surrounded it. As the driver attempted to exit the vehicle he was struck in the face by an unknown suspect.

Next, an unknown suspect ignited a smoke bomb inside of the victim’s vehicle causing it to fill with smoke and it was subsequently towed from the area.  Neither suspect has been identified at this point.  The driver received minor injuries and did not require medical attention. The investigation into this incident is continuing.