Jury convicts Equality man of 254 counts child sex assault

SALINE COUNTY — A Saline County jury found a 49-year-old Equality foster father guilty Friday of more than 200 felony charges of criminal sexual assault of a child.

Ronald Yarber (Source: SCSO)
Ronald Yarber
(Source: SCSO)

Ronald C. Yarber was convicted Friday following a three-day jury trial in Saline County Circuit Court in Harrisburg.

Yarber could likely be facing a sentence of more than 1,000 years based upon mandatory minimum sentencing laws.

Court records show that in November of 2015, Yarber was formally charged with 16 counts Class X felony predatory criminal sexual assault and 240 counts Class 1 felony criminal sexual assault.

The jury found him guilty of all but two of those charges. Investigators testified that some of Yarber’s victims were developmentally disabled children.

Under Illinois law, each Class X felony conviction is punishable by no less than six  years in prison, while each Class 1 felony conviction is punishable by no less than four years in prison. Yarber is scheduled to be sentenced September 1.

Yarber was a foster parent for the state, but court records show the victim in the case was not a foster child, but an adopted child.

Court records show the alleged sexual misconduct occurred between July 2004 and September 2009 at the Yarber’s home in Saline County.