Rauner vetoes construction-wage, homecare-worker pay hikes

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) – Gov. Bruce Rauner has vetoed legislation that would tie the prevailing wage on public construction projects to the nearest union-worker wage agreement.

The Illinois State Chamber of Commerce applauded Friday’s veto. The measure would have required state officials to set prevailing wages based on the nearest collective-bargaining agreements.

The Chamber says 60 percent of Illinois construction workers are non-union, so a rate could be based on wages several counties away.

Rauner also vetoed bills affecting in-home care workers. One would have raised the hourly wage to $15 over four years for workers helping seniors stay in their homes. Another would have provided more paid training for child-care workers. The third would increase the base hourly wage to $15 for workers who help disabled people in homes.

The bills are SB2964, HB5764, HB2536 and SB2931.

Online: https://www.ilga.gov