Madigan say Democrats no factor in Ron Sandack cyber attacks

CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan says he has no idea why Republican state Rep. Ronald L. Sandack resigned over the weekend.

Answering questions Wednesday at a Democratic National Convention breakfast in Philadelphia, Madigan said Democrats had no role in the cyberattacks Sandack cited in resigning. Sandack, from the Chicago suburb of Downers Grove, said he faced cybersecurity issues involving fraudulent social media accounts allegedly set up in his name.

Sandack reported the issues to Downers Grove police. But a three-page police report released Tuesday afternoon by the department offers no details about what may have happened to Sandack.

Sandack, who was floor leader for House Republicans during the political feud over a state budget, was a voracious user of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. But accounts on both were removed this week.