Reports indicate violent incident at Mt. Vernon Walmart

UPDATED 8-7-2016

MOUNT VERNON — Mt. Vernon police have released few details at this time about a disturbance Saturday night at the Mt. Vernon Walmart that resulted in the store being evacuated and three people including a suspect being transported to area hospitals for treatment.

According to police, they responded around 9:30 Saturday night to Walmart for a report of a female customer being disorderly in the store’s pet aisle and that she reportedly was armed with a knife.

Police say she apparently was screaming, throwing things and punched two Walmart employees in the face.

According to police, two individuals were transported to Good Samaritan Hospital for treatment, while the still unnamed suspect was transported to a different hospital.

Customers in the store at the time reported the suspect may have injured herself before being taken into custody, as there was a large amount of blood in the aisles.

We have been unable to confirm reports that a child was assaulted in the incident, but we have reached out to the Mt. Vernon Police Department for additional details and will bring you more information as it becomes available.