Burlingame pleads to misdemeanor, sentenced to probation

CLINTON COUNTY — A 38-year-old Wamac man has pleaded guilty in Clinton County Court to misdemeanor battery, with all other charges against him being dismissed.

Nathaniel Burlingame
Nathaniel Burlingame

In May, Nathaniel Burlingame was charged in Clinton County Court with Class X home invasion; Class 1 residential burglary; two counts Class 2 felony aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a victim under the age of 13; two Class 2 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, felony; and Class 4 criminal trespass to a residence with someone present.

According to the Clinton County state’s attorney’s office, the original seven charges filed were “not the best fit” for the evidence in the case, and so two new charges were filed, with the others being dismissed.

Of those two new charges, Class 4 felony criminal trespass to a residence with a person present and misdemeanor battery, Burlingame has pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge and the felony was dismissed.

He was sentenced to 2-years probation, and 154 days in jail, as well as ordered to complete alcohol and drug treatment.

Burlingame was arrested after he was allegedly entered found and then chased from the bedroom of his neighbor’s 10-year-old daughter.