IDNR and U.S.A.C.E investigate fish kill at Rend Lake

REND LAKE — The Illinois Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Biologist and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Park Rangers are continuing to investigate the report of dead and dying fish at Rend Lake.

According to a post on the Rend Lake Project Office/Visitor Center Facebook page, following the initial investigation, Fisheries Biologists from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources report that mortality in the fish is due to a naturally occurring viral or bacterial infection.

An infection of this type would typically be brought on by stress factors such as a late season spawn and tends to be more prevalent as water temperatures rise.

Biologists report that catfish caught on hook/line from the lake are safe to eat, however, it is not recommended that dead or dying fish be consumed.

The Corps of Engineers appreciates the comments of concerned visitors and will continue to monitor the condition of the fisheries at Rend Lake.