Heroes rescue young boy from water at Carlyle Lake

CARLYLE LAKE — Here’s a feel good story from the local area to start the day. Thanks to Centralia Correctional Center CO Kevin McAllister and his friend Josh Rakers, for helping to save a 10-year old boy’s life over the weekend.

Kevin McAllister (Facebook photo)
Kevin McAllister
(Facebook photo)

McAllister and Rakers were fishing in a tournament on Carlyle Lake Sunday when they pulled the unresponsive boy from the water and into the safety of their boat, and quickly took him ashore.

The boy wasn’t responding to them so they made sure his airways were cleared before he was rushed to the hospital.

McAllister has noted there were many others who played a role in saving the young boy’s life, including the woman on shore who first spotted the child and alerted them to him then called 911, and the man on shore who raced to alert the boy’s parents.

While the boy was unresponsive when they reached the shore and his current condition is not clear, he was breathing when pulled from the water and when his mom asked him to he was able to squeeze her hand.