Wamac man sentenced to IDOC in aggravated battery case

MARION COUNTY — A 26-year-old Wamac man was sentenced today in Marion County Court to 3-years in the Illinois Department of Corrections after entering into a plea agreement with the state on felony and misdemeanor cases.

Joshua Benjamin (Source: mugshots.com)
Joshua Benjamin
(Source: mugshots.com)

Joshua Benjamin admitted to the charges in a petition to revoke his probation, in exchange for felony aggravated domestic battery and domestic battery charges being dismissed, along with a misdemeanor charge of criminal damage to property.

Benjamin was originally convicted in December of felony aggravated battery of a judge or EMT, and was sentenced to 3-years probation.

That probation was revoked today based upon subsequent violations that included an April incident involving his mother, in which he knocked a phone out of her hand and began choking her.

The criminal damage charge came after an incident a few weeks later where Benjamin jumped on the hood of a Centralia woman’s car when she refused to let him in the vehicle. He then gave a countdown before stomping on the woman’s windshield and breaking it.