Nearly month-long boil order continues for Woodlawn

WOODLAWN — After nearly a month, residents in Woodlawn remain under a boil order as village leaders continue to work with the EPA to find a solution to dangerously low chlorine levels.

Woodlawn boil orderCheck samples continue to be taken to monitor for bacterial growth. But after flushing millions of gallons of water and bringing chlorine levels up to approved levels, they dropped back down when new water was allowed in.

Woodlawn buys its water from Mt. Vernon, who is supplied directly by the Rend Lake Water Conservancy.

RLC says their problems also started about three weeks ago, but they’re unsure of the cause.

In the mean time, residents in Woodlawn, including the school, are depending on bottled water for consumption. Those who are home-bound and need bottled water should contact the village hall at 618-735-2110.