Jefferson County makes multiple arrests in area burglary ring

JEFFERSON COUNTY — The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has made multiple arrests in an area burglary ring, with additional arrests pending.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, detectives are still conducting interviews and they expect to make more arrests in connection with the burglary ring soon.

Those arrested so far include 31-year-old Julian Payne on 31 counts, 23-year-old Nathaniel Jamison on 8 counts 23-year-old Molly Houle on 7 counts, 31-year-old Joseph Frazier on 7 counts, 39-year-old Katrina Stiefel on 1 count, 32-year-old Nathaniel Farrar on 5 counts, and 25-year-old Linda Wheeler on one count possession of stolen property.

The Sheriff’s Office says that along with continuing to make arrests, they will continue to return stolen property to the victims.