Illinois State Police Traffic Stop Leads To Apprehension Of Three Murder Suspects

DANVILLE, IL – The Illinois State Police announced that a traffic stop by a Trooper in Vermilion County led to the apprehension of three murder suspects last month.  According to an ISP news release, on August 27, a district 10 trooper observed two vehicles driving erratically on Interstate 74.  During the stop, the trooper suspected criminal activity by the subjects and obtained consent to search one of the vehicles, a rental with a Canadian registration.  That search uncovered a rifle, and a K-9 search of the second vehicle, which was registered in Colorado, resulted in the seizure of more than 100 grams of cocaine and two handguns.  Additionally, blood was observed in both vehicles, and the three occupants, 20-year-old Michael Gresham, 20-year-old Joshua Baker, and 20-year-old Lawrence Greggs, Jr., all of Cincinnati, were arrested for drug offenses.  After contacting authorities in Colorado, the ISP learned that the second vehicle was registered to Devon Smeltz, who had been reported missing and later found dead.  Baker and Gregg were suspected of having a hand in the disappearance of Smeltz.  All three are being held in Vermilion County Jail pending extradition to Colorado.  ISP Colenol Tad Williams noted that this is a perfect example how a simple traffic stop can lead to the discovery of more serious crimes.