ARDC closes investigation into Marion County State’s Attorney candidate

MARION COUNTY — The Republican candidate for Marion County State’s Attorney has released a letter from the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission showing an investigation has been closed into his July, 2015 arrest and later conviction on a Class A misdemeanor charge of Reckless Conduct.

According to the May 2nd, 2016 letter from the ARDC, they evaluated Milner and based on the evaluation and Milner’s current willingness to get treatment, they decided to close the investigation. The letter adds a note wishing Milner good luck in the upcoming election. Milner says the evaluation included being examined by a doctor who works for the ARDC.

Milner explained that lawyers are bound by Rules of Ethics to report to the ARDC when they make a mistake, like he did. He says they then do an investigation to make sure the reporting attorney is physically, mentally and ethically able to continue to practice law.

He acknowledges that they are held to a higher standard, saying the ARDC put his case through a complete investigation process and they closed the investigation without placing any sanctions or suspensions against him or his license to practice law.

Milner had been placed on 90 days court supervision. He was ordered to pay a fine and $1,547 in fines and court costs.

Olney police had initially arrested Milner for driving under the influence of alcohol, possession of under 30 grams of cannabis, possession of drug paraphernalia and failure to signal when required.

Milner has admitted he was wrong to get behind the wheel, adding that he ” … did what I can’t do. For 15 years I had not had a drink of alcohol. On this particular night, I made a mistake and drank a couple of beers, got a call from a friend who was stranded in Olney. I went to get him, of course not thinking anything was wrong, but I was eventually pulled over.”

Milner says his relapse came as a result of a bad day and a day he did not plan to be driving. He continues to attend AA meetings.

According to Milner, the day of the incident was the first day he had drove his truck in a month after letting a friend use it. As a result, he was not aware of the cannabis and cannabis smoking pipe being inside the center console.

Milner says the entire incident is what led him to decide to run for State’s Attorney. He says it reminded him why he’s a lawyer and that he’s here to fight for Marion County.

He notes the county has so much drug addiction and problems and he thinks he has a unique perspective that can help put families back together, and help parents be what they ought to be.

He says through the use of Drug Court and other probation services available, many people can be helped to overcome their addictions and become productive members of the community. However, he promises to be hard on those who are dealing drugs in the community.

Milner is facing Democrat Stephanie Corum in the November general election.