SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — New details have emerged in the social media scandal that brought down a high-ranking Illinois GOP lawmaker.

According to Politico, former state Rep. Ron Sandack, a onetime top ally of Gov. Bruce Rauner, resigned from office earlier this summer after several people reportedly viewed a sexually graphic video of Sandack on Facebook.

Sandack, a Downers Grove Republican, had previously stated he was extorted by a woman who “lured” him “to engage in inappropriate online conversations” through Facebook and Skype and then later demanded money, which he wired to the Philippines.

According to Politico, reports indicate the “encounter” with the woman was recorded and posted to Sandack’s social media accounts with several of his contacts tagged in the post.

While a Sandack has denied being asked to resign his seat, Politico reports that once Republicans learned about the video a top Party operative urged him to step down.

Sandack did not, however, respond to questions about the video or if it was seen by others.