Farm stand sets up outhouse-turned-voting booth for ballots

ASHLAND, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire farm stand is showing off a decorative outhouse-turned-voting booth with manikins of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and side-by-side toilets to cast ballots.

Chris Owens, who runs Owens Truck Farm in Ashland, put up the “Official NH Voting Booth” sign on the wooden structure. He tells New Hampshire Public Radio customers like it, taking the attitude, “that’s about the only place this ballot belongs is in the toilet.”

He says he’s collected about 100 ballots already.

Above the Trump manikin is a sign that reads, “If I am elected, we will build a wall between Plymouth and Rumney, and Rumney will pay for it,” referring to two nearby towns.

Owens plans to tally the votes next month.