Unsafe conditions lead to closure of South Shore State Park at Carlyle Lake

CLINTON COUNTY — Due to several years of reduced budgets by the State of Illinois and a lack of maintenance, the South Shore State Park facilities in Clinton County have become degraded, resulting in unsafe conditions and minimal useable recreation facilities.

As a result, the Corps of Engineers has terminated the lease and closed the area to allow for work to be completed making the area for public access. A portion of the area is scheduled to reopen in 2017.

The area formerly leased to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources will be incorporated into the adjoining Dam East Recreation Area. The IDNR will continue to manage the lands adjacent to the area, owned by the State of Illinois.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers continues to work with the Illinois Department of Natural resources on other initiatives at Carlyle Lake. The termination of the lease at South Shore State Park in no way impacts the IDNR’s existing lease for the management of Eldon Hazlet State Park or license for the Carlyle Lake State Fish and Wildlife Management Area.