Dem candidate for Marion County State’s Attorney files lawsuit against opponents mom

MARION COUNTY — The Democratic candidate for Marion County State’s Attorney filed a lawsuit today in Salem against the elderly mother of her Republican opponent and one of his employees.

Stephanie Corum, of Champaign County, claims in her suit that Judy Milner the mother of Bill Milner and his emplopyee Carol Jones-Griffin, both of Marion County, started telling individuals in Marion County that she had engaged in a sexual affair with fellow attorney Timothy Huyett.

Huyett was former lead public defender in Marion County, before stepping down amid a scandal of having a sexual affair with one of his clients. He was ultimately sanctioned and now has a practice in Carlyle.

In her suit, Corum says she has known Huyett since 2009, but has never engaged in a sexual relationship with him.

Bill Milner responded to the lawsuit saying he has not engaged in the mudslinging efforts of his opponent during this campaign and has only stood on a platform that he’s the better lawyer and the better candidate for Marion County State’s Attorney.

He says he is shocked and angered that when he did not react to early negative campaigning from his opponent that she has now decided to attack his elderly mother and his employee.

Milner says the lawsuit is baseless and was filed as a political ploy just days before the Tuesday election, which also happens to be his mother’s 76th birthday.