Voters face a full ballot on Tuesday

Super Tuesday is upon us, with Election Day polls opening at 7 a.m. tomorrow, with a larger than usual number of third party candidates appearing on the ballot.

The big race has Democrat Hillary Clinton facing off against Republican Donald Trump, with Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein also vying for the Oval Office.

For U.S. Senate, Democrat L. Tammy Duckworth is challenging Republican Mark Kirk in what is expected to be a sizeable loss for incumbent Kirk. Also on the ticket are Libertarian Kenton McMillen and Green Party candidate Scott K. Summers look to unseat Kirk.

Republican incumbent John Shimkus is running unopposed for U.S. Representative of the 15th Congressional District.

In a race to fill the remaining term of the late Comptroller Judy Barr-Topinka, Democrat Susana Mendoza, is challenging appointed interim Comptroller Leslie Munger – a Republican. Also on the ballot for Comptroller are Libertarian Clair Ball and Green Party candidate Timothy Curtin.

Incumbent Republican State Representative John Cavaletto is unopposed for his seat representing the 107th District in the legislature.

Illinois voters will also have a ballot measure this year. Voting yes on the measure says you are in favor of a “lock box” amendment that would prohibit lawmakers from using transportation funds for anything other than their stated purpose, and would block future “fund sweeps” from using those funds elsewhere.


Locally, Marion County’s big race is between two defense lawyers running for an open seat for state’s attorney.

Republican Bill Milner is running against Democrat Stephanie Corum for the four-year seat as the county’s top prosecutor.

In the Supervisor of Assessments race, incumbent Democrat Patty Brough is facing challenger Mark Miller – a Republican — in an effort to maintain her seat.

In the race for Marion County Coroner, incumbent Republican Troy Cannon is defending his seat against Democratic opponent Nick Parker.


In the 5th Appellate Court Democrat Brad Bleyer is running against Republican John Barberis to fill one vacancy on the bench, while Democrat Jo Beth Weber seeks to take over another vacancy on the bench currently being filled by interim Appellate Judge James Moore — a Republican.

All candidates for those two vacancies have been rated as highly qualified by the Illinois State Bar Association, with the exception of Barberis, who they list as not qualified.

For the Fourth Judicial Circuit, all incumbent judges up for retention and are unopposed, and all are rated as recommended for retention by the Bar Association.


Clinton County is split into two legislative districts, with both incumbent representatives running unopposed. Republican Charlie Meier for the 108th district and Republican John Cavaletto for the 107th.

Also in Clinton County, incumbent Republican State’s Attorney John Hudspeth is defending his seat against Democratic challenger Janice Pulver-Lewis.


Fayette County voters will also be making a choice for state’s attorney. Incumbent Republican Joshua Morrison is facing off against former Fayette County State’s Attorney Stephen Friedel – a Democrat.

For Fayette County Circuit Clerk, incumbent Republican Kathy Emerick faces off against Democratic challenger Ashley Towler.

And incumbent Fayette County Coroner Bruce Bowen – a Republican is facing challenger Lori Carter – a Democrat.

Washington County voters will choose between Republican Daniel Bronke and Democrat Celeste Korando for state’s attorney.

For Washington County Coroner, Republican incumbent Mark Styninger faces Democratic challenger Fred Klug.


For the Second Judicial Circuit Court, Jefferson County voters have a judicial race between Democrat Michael Valentine and Republican Brian Shinkle.

Incumbent Jefferson County Circuit Clerk Randy Pollard faces Democratic challenger Nicholas LeMay, and for Jefferson County Coroner, Republican Roger Hayse faces Democrat Christine Hayes.