Chicago man sentenced for trying to kill informant

CHICAGO (AP) — A judge in Chicago has sentenced a convicted drug dealer to 35 years in prison for plotting to kill an informant cooperating with federal agents to disrupt a trafficking ring.

A U.S. attorney’s office statement says a judge sentenced 40-year-old Kelsey Jones on Monday. He and his brother were convicted of conspiracy to attempt to murder an informant. The 39-year-old Toby Jones was sentenced in May to 40 years.

Prosecutors say the first murder attempt by the Chicago brothers came in 2014. Toby Jones shot through the informant’s front door but missed, injuring a bystander instead. A week later, Kelsey Jones shot and injured the informant as he sat in a car.

Prosecutors said in one filing that attempts to kill informants “are among the most serious of federal offenses.”