Report shows differences in Chicago, suburban opioid problem

CHICAGO (AP) — The Chicago Urban League has released a report indicating the opioid problem in the city of Chicago, especially among African-Americans, is far worse than many believe.

CBS Chicago reports the study’s co-author is Kathie Kane-Willis. She contends last year the opioid death rate among African-Americans in the city was 56 percent higher than for whites. She notes that the narrative about the opioid epidemic from is about its impact on white, suburban and rural America.

Kane-Willis claims that in the suburbs and among whites the main approach to the epidemic is treatment, the main strategy in Chicago among African-Americans is arrest and prosecution.

Kane-Willis said she hopes the report raises awareness about the opioid problem among African-Americans. And she hopes it leads to more equitable treatment of opioid addicts regardless of race or location.