Families to receive $6 million in railroad tank car death

PEKIN, Ill. (AP) — The families of two central Illinois men who died in 2014 after breathing gas inside a railroad tanker car will split $6 million from a settlement of a lawsuit.

A federal investigation determined 37-year-old Frank Rosebur and 29-year-old Dean Stone were victims of safety rule violations at Agridyne LLC’s livestock food plant in Pekin.

Attorney Matthew Ports told the Journal Star in Peoria the 2015 lawsuit made the same claims and resulted last week in an out-of-court settlement.

The tanker contained hydrogen sulfide gas when Rosebur entered to clean it. He passed out. Stone entered the car after Rosebur’s work partner called for help.

Stone was climbing up the hatch latter with Rosebur on his shoulder when he collapsed.

OSHA cited Agridyne with safety violations and imposed a $266,000 fine.