Trenton man entered into Drug Court for impersonating a police officer

CLINTON COUNTY — A 22-year-old Trenton man pleaded guilty Thursday in Clinton County Court to multiple charges, including impersonating a peace officer, and was entered into problem solving court.

Christopher Dakota Reddin
(Source: CCSO)

Christopher Dakota Reddin was arrested in October and charged with Class 4 felony impersonation of a peace officer, two counts Class 3 aggravated battery and Class 4 felony criminal damage to property.

He was wanted on a petition to revoke his probation on a February conviction for Class 3 felony aggravated battery.

According to reports at the time, a woman said she was followed while driving back roads between Breese and Trenton.

The man in question reportedly passed her on multiple occasions only to pull over and stop before doing it again.

He ultimately stopped his vehicle in the middle of the road, blocking the woman’s path and told her he was an undercover cop from Trenton.

She asked multiple times to see his identification and refused to get out of her vehicle for a sobriety test without seeing his identification.

He never produced a badge and eventually let her go. She told authorities she could identify the man and she ultimately identified Reddin who had already been booked into the Clinton County Jail on the petition to revoke. His bail was set at $100,000.