Riddle sentenced to six years on drug charge

JEFFERSON COUNTY — A 47-year-old Mt. Vernon man who had been accused of delivering heroin that led to the fatal overdose of Bridget Jimenez was sentenced in Jefferson County Court on Friday.

Robert Riddle Jr.
(Source: MVPD)

Robert Riddle, Jr. was sentenced to six years in prison. Judge Jerry Crisel stated that he did not believe Riddle had any intent to cause the death of Jimenez.

The sentence comes after Riddle pleaded guilty in August to a lesser charge of unlawful delivery of heroin. The charge of drug-induced homicide was dropped. Riddle’s co-defendant, Blake Howell, pleaded guilty to that charge and received a 10-year sentence in August.

Riddle admitted providing the heroin to Howell who allegedly in turn delivered the drugs to Jimenez in June 2015. Jimenez reportedly overdosed in a hotel room from the heroin and later died.