Hundreds of cases of Cherry Ski recalled

Approximately 200 cases of Cherry Ski are being recalled in Southern Illinois due to incorrect labeling.

The newly designed cans of Cherry Ski are being recalled due to nutrition facts incorrectly listing Red #4 under ingredients, when they instead should list Red #40 and Yellow #5.

These dyes may cause a reaction to anyone allergic. The Double Cola Company has reported that no medical illnesses or harmful effects have resulted from this product thus far.

Affected products have been delivered to the southern Illinois, Evansville, IN and Winchester, OH markets. Products affected are coded A8023EV10:25 through A8023EV11:40.

Consumers who have purchased this product should not open the package or consume the product. Instead they should return the product to the location of purchase for a refund, or call the Double Cola Company at 423-267-5691 or 877-DBL-Cola.