CHS and CPD respond to reported threats, student arrested

CENTRALIA — Centralia High School authorities responded to an incident over the weekend that landed one student in trouble with law enforcement.

According to Centralia High School Superintendent Chuck Lane, a student of the Annex ran into other students at McDonald’s over the weekend and during their conversation the Annex student reportedly threatened Principal Reid Shipley and said he knows where Reid lives.

On Tuesday the other students were discussing the earlier conversation and it was decided they should share the information with the administration.

Centralia police were then contacted and informed of the conversation at McDonald’s. They had the students identify the Annex student through photos.

Police subsequently contacted the boy and his home was searched. Lane says no weapons or threatening letters or notes were found, but the boy was arrested for allegedly making threats.

Centralia High School parents and guardians received calls Tuesday night informing them of the incident and the school’s response.

Lane says that in light of recent events across the country, CHS administrators believe in being diligent in addressing any possible threats to the school, its students, faculty, and staff.