FAYETTE COUNTY — A 37-year-old Vandalia man was found guilty Wednesday in Fayette County Court of all 10 felony counts of possessing child pornography against him and faces up to 116 years in prison.

Ryan Koontz
(Source: FCSO)

Judge Marc Kelly found Ryan Koontz guilty of eight Class 2 felony counts of child pornography and two Class X felony counts of producing child pornography.

During the one-day bench trial, Kelly found that evidence showed videos on a computer belonging to Koontz had videos from accounts using passwords and usernames used by Koontz on multiple accounts.

Investigators testified that when confronted with this information, Koontz admitted to them that he was of the downloaded files on the laptop and admitted his efforts to hide those files from others in house and stating that he knew it was wrong.

On the production and distribution charges, Kelly found that Koontz’ argument that he was unaware that while he could download from others through the program he was not aware they could upload any files he has made no sense.

Kelly also ruled that no specific knowledge is required by statute but merely that he did disseminate the child pornography.

Koontz will remain in custody of the Fayette County Jail pending his April 20 sentencing. He faces between 36 and 116 years in prison.

The court ordered a presentencing report to be prepared in the case, with probation services ordered to prepare a psychology and sex offender report.

The case against Koontz stemmed from,” a statewide initiative launched in 2010 by the Attorney General’s Office. “Operation Glass House to apprehend the most active offenders who download and trade child pornography online.