With online threats found not credible, Salem officials encourage students to attend classes

SALEM — Salem Community High School Superintendent Brad Detering and Salem Police Chief Sean Reynolds are saying the majority of students attended class Thursday following online statements indicating a threat of violence at the school.


Salem police and Marion County Sheriff’s deputies had an elevated presence at the school Thursday that will continue Friday.


A joint investigation is ongoing into the social media posts but authorities say there is still no reliable evidence indicating an actual threat.


Officials have noted that some claims have been shared online as truth, when in fact they have not been verified and are only hearsay.


One such case involved a student who admitted to sending out false information despite it being debunked by multiple police organizations as a nationwide hoax.


In cases where the spreading of admittedly false information has disrupted the education process, Salem Community High School will implement its discipline code.


There are, however, no criminal charges pending at this time.