Mary Poppins is Back: Emily Blunt Stars

Emily Blunt reveals she was absolutely terrified at the proposition of playing the marvelously magical nanny in Mary Poppins Returnsadmitting the idea of filling Julie Andrews’ shoes was utterly intimidating to her. The film follows up on Robert Steven’s 1964 classic film, Mary Poppins, itself loosely based on P.L. Travers’ novel series. Blunt stars in Mary Poppins Returns alongside Lin-Manuel Miranda (Jack), Meryl Streep (Topsy-Turvy Poppins), Ben Whishaw (Michael Banks), and Emily Mortimer (Jane Banks).

Dick Van Dyke will be returning to the franchise, still up to his wild chimney-sweeping ways – but as Mr. Dawes Jr., not Sr. Meanwhile, Andrews graciously declined an invitation to make a cameo in the film, opting instead to just let Blunt do her thing. Currently set for a Christmas Day release, the film takes place 25 years after the first film and follows the titular nanny as she triumphantly returns to London during to shake some sense into the Banks children, now adults and in the middle of a serious financial struggle. The first Mary Poppins Return trailer released only a few weeks ago and has already drummed up some serious anticipation, which is both exciting and terrifying for the cast.

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