Lynda Carter Cameo in Wonder Woman 2 Up to Director

Whether or not Lynda Carter cameos in Wonder Woman 2 is entirely up to director Patty Jenkins. After last summer’s Wonder Woman earned rave reviews and broke the bank at the box office, Warner Bros. was quick to green light a sequel. With the dynamic duo of Jenkins and star Gal Gadot returning, Wonder Woman 2 is currently on track to begin production this summer ahead of its November 2019 release date. The supporting cast is starting to round into shape, with Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig recently confirmed as additions. The latter will play villain Cheetah, while the former’s role is being kept under wraps.

Carter, who played Diana Prince on the 1970s Wonder Woman TV show, is another big name people would like to see included in the film. Delivering a memorable portrayal of the icon for the small screen, it would be a fun nod to Carter’s rich history if she were to make a brief appearance in next fall’s movie. But the actress knows there’s only one person who can make that call, and that’s Jenkins.

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