CPD says Snapchat threat old and toward out-of-state “CHS”

CENTRALIA — A Snapchat photo being circulated on social media appears to make a threat to Centralia High School, however, Centralia police says it’s from an old out of state case that is being re-circulated as if it were new.

CPD received the photo Sunday that makes a threat of violence at “CHS,” and warning people to not go to school the next day. It shows an individual who appears to by lying in a bed on a tan and white striped pillow and holding a weapon.

Centralia detectives investigated the threat and determined it was not a threat toward Centralia High School but was made last year to a New Mexico school and that case resulted in an arrest.

To give parents and students a sense of safety, however, Centralia police officers were present at Centralia High School Monday morning.