Attorney General indicts Centralia businessman on felony tax charges

MARION COUNTY — The Illinois Attorney General’s Office has indicted a 62-year-old Centralia businessman on five tax-related felony offenses.

Douglas “Doug” Loy, owner of Doug Loy’s Auto Service Center in Centralia, was first arrested on the case in February, but wasn’t formally charged in Marion County Court until last week.

On Monday the court received his response to a notice for a May 2, appearance on the charges in Marion County court.

According to the five-count indictment provided by the Attorney General’s Office, Count 1 charges Loy with theft of between $10,000 and $100,000 of governmental funds in that on multiple occasions as a business operator he failed to collect Illinois sales tax and failed to remit Illinois sales tax on auto parts he sold. Count 1 is a Class 1 felony punishable by between 4 and 15 years in prison if convicted.

Counts 2 and 3 of the indictment alleged Loy failed to file Illinois sales and tax returns for the business for the months of March and May 2017, respectively, and Counts 4 and 5 claim that Loy failed to file Illinois personal tax returns for years 2015 and 2016, respectively. Counts 2 through 5 are all Class 3 felonies. A Class 3 felony is punishable by two to five years’ in prison if convicted.

It’s unclear if Loy has hired an attorney who could comment on his behalf.