Centralia juvenile charged in connection with shooting at occupied car

MARION COUNTY — A 17-year-old Centralia juvenile male was ordered detained Tuesday in Marion County court after he was charged with firing a weapon at an occupied vehicle Monday.

The juvenile was formally charged with aggravated discharge of a firearm.

He was arrested Monday by Wamac police shortly after an incident in the 100 block of South Hickory.

According to Centralia police, multiple shots were fired in what’s being described as an ongoing feud. There were no injuries.

Witnesses, including two occupants of the vehicle, were able to identify the juvenile as the person who fired the shots and law enforcement was able to take him into custody a short time later.

Reports say the vehicle was turning the corner from Broadway onto South Hickory around 7:40 p.m. Monday when it was fired upon.

The juvenile is accused of running from the porch of a home and into the street where he began firing what was described as a shotgun.

The driver of the vehicle threw the car into reverse and fled the area with the juvenile continuing to fire the weapon as he walked toward the vehicle.

The vehicle was ultimately able to outrun the shooter and returned to a residence on Hausler Street where police responded to the call and reportedly located multiple gunshot holes throughout the vehicle.

The juenile was initially taken to the Marion County Jail before being transported to the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center to await court proceedings.

The Clinton County K-9 Unit was brought in to help locate the firearm, but it has not yet been found.