Court finds Walnut Hill man mentally unfit to stand trial

JEFFERSON COUNTY — A 51-year-old Walnut Hill man who a jury had earlier found guilty of felony burglary was found unfit to stand trial Thursday by the Jefferson County court.

Mark Linkon
(Source:: JCSO)

A Jefferson County jury found Mark Linkon guilty in July 2017 of Class 2 felony burglary. While being walked back to the Jefferson County Jail following the verdict, Linkon reportedly attempted to escape the sally port area of the jail, but was apprehended following a brief foot chase.

A fitness evaluation was ultimately ordered in January. The completed report was submitted to the court earlier this month and on Thursday the court found Linkon unfit to stand trial. He was subsequently ordered to undergo mental health treatment, with a 90-day hearing on his progress scheduled for July 17.

A criminal history shows Linkon was arrested in the summer of 2016 in Wabash County after he allegedly stole a pickup truck and took sheriff’s deputies on a multi-county pursuit.

In 2015 he made local headlines when he attempted to take out orders of protection against a Marion County Sheriff’s deputy and the Marion County Sheriff’s Department.

According to Marion County court records, Linkon initially claimed deputies burned his house down, and then claimed they set his Jeep on fire. But when he appeared in front of Judge Marc Kelly he said he was tired of being arrested.

Judge Kelly denied Linkon’s requests as he has no family or household connection to the deputy and there is no basis in law for filing an order of protection against a governmental agency.