MARION COUNTY — A 38-year-old Centralia businessman failed to appear inn Marion County court Monday on a felony charge stemming from his February arrest for allegedly shipping cannabis through UPS.

Nicholas Lyons, owner of Low Cash Towing, was charged April 18 with Class 4 felony manufacture or delivery of between 10 and 30 grams of cannabis.

According to police reports, Lyons was arrested after an investigation by Centralia police showed that in February Lyons paid to have two packages shipped by UPS – one to Alabama and one to California.

The package destined for Alabama reportedly contained 28 packages of cannabis oil, while the package destined for California contained $3,000 cash. Both packages were vacuum sealed and wrapped in masking tape, with the cash additionally being wrapped in a T-shirt.

When questioned later at CPD, Lyons reportedly said he knew why he was asked to come in, and told the detective the cannabis oil was being sent to a friend he used to race cars with and that he had purchased the oil from an unknown subject at the junk yard for $200.

He reportedly told the detective that was the only time he had sent illegal substances through the mail. He also said the package going to California — $3,000 cash wrapped in a shirt – was for the purchase of sports jerseys and that on other occasions he had sent money to the same person for the same purpose.

Lyons’ first appearance has been re-scheduled for Wednesday. His arrest resulted in his company losing their contract with the City of Centralia as a duty tow service.