Searching for stolen guns, High Risk Team breaks down door of wrong Woodlawn residence

WOODLAWN — The Jefferson County/Mt. Vernon Police High Risk Team reportedly entered a wrong apartment when serving two no-knock warrants early Monday morning in Woodlawn.

The incident happened around 7 a.m. Monday while the team was reportedly searching for stolen firearms as part of an ongoing investigation.

Confusion between information received from a confidential informant and the actual physical address led the team to enter the wrong residence at the Green Street Apartments.

A battering ram was used to take down the door to the apartment and once inside team members realized they had entered the wrong residence.

The sheriff’s office reports there were no injuries or arrests involved in that location, but a child in the residence reportedly suffered an asthma attack. The county is working with the resident to get the door repaired.

The investigation into the stolen firearms is reportedly a county operation and the city was simply assisting in the service of the warrants.