Collinsville Couple Suspected of Copper Thefts

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS — Authorities in Wayne and White counties are looking at two Collinsville residents as suspects in the theft of copper from a number of cell phone towers in those counties.

According to reports, 20-year-old Haley Suhling, and 19-year-old Taylor James are already facing charges for burglarizing a cell phone tower on Highway 27 in Washington County.

Both Suhling and Taylor were arrested April 4 in Washington County. They’re each charged with Class 3 felony criminal damage between $10,000 and $100,000, Class 4 felony possession of burglary tools, and misdemeanor theft.

Bail for Suhling was set at $10,000 and she was released after posting $130 cash bond with credit for $30 a day under bail reform.

Bail for James was set at $30,0000 and he remains in the Washington County Jail.

Suhling is next scheduled in court May 8, while James is next scheduled in court May 22.