Grandmother seeking justice for grandbaby blinded from abuse

CARLYLE — A Carlyle grandmother wants justice for her granddaughter, who was abused so badly as an infant that she went blind.

According to KSDK, the abuse happened in January, but the person responsible is still walking free.

The baby girl, Shyann Ricks, was airlifted to a hospital in St. Louis from Carlyle, after she was shaken, said her grandmother Jennie Warren.

Warren says the baby was in a coma and still must be fed through a feeding tube even weeks after being in the hospital.

According to Carlyle police reports, they responded in January to a call of a 5-month-old infant not breathing at the home where Shyann lived with her parents.

Police said they do have persons of interest in the case, and they are still investigating.

Warren said she had custody of the little girl after she got out of the hospital, but police said last month the Clinton County Court returned her to her dad.

The Clinton County State’s Attorney’s Office asks anyone with information about what happened to call Carlyle Police so they can put the person responsible behind bars.