Wamac man arrested after assaulting police officer

WAMAC — A 30-year-old Wamac man is in the Clinton County Jail after he reportedly assaulted a Wamac police officer Monday afternoon.

Casey Culy was formally charged Tuesday in Clinton County court with Class 2 felony aggravated battery of a peace officer and misdemeanor resisting arrest.

According to Wamac Police Chief Steve Prather, he responded to a residence in the Brookside Trailer Court on a domestic violence report.

Prather says he knocked on the door multiple times before a child approximately 2-3 years old answered the door, with an approximately 1-year-old child sitting on the floor behind him.

When no adults came to the front of the home, Prather entered and found Culy with a female against the wall at the end of the hall and asked the two to come to the front of the home.

Instead, he says, Culy began yelling at him and picked up the 1-year-old and using the child as a shield began retreating into a back bedroom, telling the Chief he couldn’t touch him while he’s holding the baby.

As Prather approached him, Culy reportedly began slapping at the officer before punching him in the chest.

As the two began to struggle, the baby was dropped to the bed where his mother picked him up and carried him to another room.

Prather’s microphone became disconnected during the struggle and when he was able to get it plugged back in he called for help.

Two Centralia police officers, Shawn Richards and Gary Denton, were quickly dispatched to assist.

They brought Culy under control and transported him to the police department for alleged aggravated battery to a police officer, endangering the life of a child, and resisting or obstructing a peace officer.

Culy was ultimately transported to the Clinton County Jail where he remains with bail set at $10,000. If he posts bond and is released he is prohibited from having contact with the residence in the Brookside Trailer Park.