Investigation into former school superintended ends with surrender of educator license

VANDALIA == A former Vandalia Superintendent of Schools has surrendered his Educator License, after an investigation was launched into his alleged involvement with a female student decades ago.

The investigation stems from an incident in March 2018 in which the Vandalia School District reported a missing hard drive that had been used by Well was still missing.

While investigating the missing hard drive, school officials reportedly became aware of information regarding sexual misconduct, from more than twenty years ago, between Well and a female student of the District.

The school district reports they have no previous information about the misconduct. The Illinois State Board of Education says the evidence available was sufficient to investigate Well’s license, which would involve either a full evidentiary hearing or Well could voluntarily surrender his license

With Well’s recent surrender of his educator’s license, the state board of education has halted its investigation. An investigation by law enforcement has also ended, as the time period in question extends beyond the statute of limitations.