Judge to decide if Mulberry Grove man fit to stand trial for murder

FAYETTE COUNTY — A Fayette County judge has taken under advisement the mental health evaluation of a 70-year-old Mulberry Grove man accused of the September 2017 murder of a Brownsville man.

David Bright
(Source: FCSO)

David Leroy Bright is charged with first-degree murder for allegedly shooting James Skinner to death in his Brownstown home in September 2017.

A jury trial date was vacated earlier this year following a motion by defense counsel to have Bright evaluated by a mental health professional.

Bright had previously waived his right to have a jury decide if the results of the evaluation found him mentally fit, or unfit to stand trial and instead have a judge make the decision.

Following a bench trial Thursday on the matter of Bright’s mental fitness, Judge Don Sheafor said he would take the issue under advisement and will issue a written order. The case is next scheduled for a July 29 hearing.