Mt. Vernon firefighters respond to chemical spill

MOUNT VERNON — The Mt. Vernon Fire Department responded to a Roundup spill Wednesday morning on Mt. Vernon’s west side.

Mt. Vernon Fire Chief Kevin Sargent says around 9:15, they received a call that a truck carrying totes of concentrated Roundup had two totes fall off the truck and onto the pavement as it turned from Davidson Avenue onto Veterans Memorial Drive.

Sargent says one of the two totes ruptured, spilling about 260 gallons of the concentrated roundup onto the pavement. Most of the chemical was cleaned up, but Sargent says about 20 gallons got into the storm sewer. He says the spill did not pose a threat to the public.

Sargent says the fire department was on the scene for about four hours helping to clean up the Roundup. He says the EPA was notified and the absorbed chemical was disposed of properly.