Anonymous group aims to recognize, reward local good deeds

CENTRALIA — An anonymous group of people in the Centralia area are taking time to recognize the good deeds of others and to work with local organizations to reward those good deeds with a monetary thank you.

When a Centralia resident is spotted doing selfless, generous, or thankless acts to help their fellow residents, the “Do Good Detectives” hope their work creates a spark that will start a fire of kindness that will spread throughout the community.

The detectives say they wish to remain anonymous because their goal is not publicity or recognition of their work but to show appreciation for the kind deeds of others.

Officer Nick Heath (Right) presents Gus Moss (Left) with award for good deeds.

The first person to be rewarded with a $200 show of thanks for their good deeds was Jenna Kwiatkowski.

Central City Police Officer Nick Heath helped out by presenting Jenna with her reward for her amazing and generous good deeds.

Jenna volunteers her time to organize and facilitate a Thanksgiving Dinner that feeds well over 600 people.

The amount of time and effort that she puts into the yearly event is incredible.

The most recent recipient of a Good Deed Reward was Gus Moss. Gus holds an annual drive to collect winter coats, backpacks, and school supplies for local children.

The Good Deed Detectives say they will continue to be on the lookout for good deeds, and involve local law enforcement to play a role in delivering the rewards to our recipients.