Bail set at $250k each for Centralia teens charged in double shooting

CLINTON COUNTY — Bail has been set at $250,000 each for two Centralia teens charged in Clinton County Court in connection with a double shooting last week on the west side of Centralia.

Dalton Garrison, 19, was charged Wednesday with three Class X felony counts of aggravated battery through the discharge of a firearm, Class 2 felony arson to property, and Class 4 felony obstruction of justice.

Trevin Hendricks, 18, was charged Thursday with the same offenses for the same double shooting incident at an apartment in the 1700 block of West McCord.

According to police, a 29-year-old Centralia man was shot twice in the incident, while a 30-year-old Peoria man was shot once.

Both victims were ultimately transported to a St. Louis area hospital for treatment. One has since been released.

Special conditions set in the cases against Garrison and Hendricks — whether the defendants make bail or not — include no contact with victims Ricardo Little and Andre Johnson, or with Albert Hendricks.

Albert Hendricks was reportedly the owner of the white Mercury SUV witnesses said fled the scene. Police later found that vehicle burnt in what they say was likely an attempt to destroy evidence.

If bail is posted, the defendants must abstain from alcohol and drugs, including cannabis, and submit to random testing, as well as random searches of their person, home and vehicles.

Hendricks is next due in court April 1 for a preliminary hearing and a first appearance with a private attorney.

Garrison is next due in court April 8 for a preliminary hearing and a first appearance with his court-appointed attorney.