Closure continues as toxic algae still found in areas of Centralia Lake

The recent closure of Centralia Lake due to the discovery of harmful algae has been extended as testing results show levels of the toxin are still dangerously high in some areas of the lake.

Dangerous cyanobacteria, sometimes known as *blue-green algae or harmful algal blooms (HABS), were initially found on September 16 in Centralia Lake.

Samples received on October 1, 2020, continue to show cyanobacteria in areas of the lake are still above the state-designated recreational water health advisory levels. The IEPA will resample Wednesday, October 7, 2020.

The cyanobacteria is caused by dry weather in the last several weeks and can be harmful to people and sometimes even fatal to small children and pets.

People are urged to not swim, wade or come into contact with the water, scum, foam or algae at Centralia Lake and to also not allow their pets to have contact with the water.

If you, your family members or pets experience illness after swimming or playing in the water, you’re urged to seek medical attention.

The City of Centralia is working closely with local and state public health and emergency response agencies to address the situation and will post updated information if there are any changes to the conditions of this recreational closure.

For more information, please contact the Centralia Manager’s Office at 618-533-7623.