Centralia man sentenced to time served for contempt of court charge

MARION COUNTY — A 45-year-old Centralia man was sentenced Friday in Marion County Court to time served after he was arrested earlier in the week on a warrant charging him with contempt of court for being present during a Zoom Court hearing he’d previously been banned from attending.

William McClanahan
(Source: CPD)

William McClanahan admitted in court Friday that he was present during the Monday juvenile court hearing despite Judge Ericka Sanders having previously prohibited him from attending the proceedings.

McClanahan told the court Friday that he had suffered two strokes and a seizure that cause him to talk to himself and that’s what was happening during the online juvenile hearing.

He further informed the court that he was aware of the warrant for his arrest and turned himself in after first going for an MRI for his health issues.

After sentencing McClanahan, Judge Sanders reminded him he cannot attend the court hearings whether they are online or in the courthouse.

He was previously arrested just before Christmas after allegedly using a hunting arrow to spank his stepson and then dropping the child off at the edge of town and telling the boy he wasn’t welcome at home.

A local mail carrier discovered the child and took him to the police department where the Department of Children and Family Services was called.

McClanahan was ultimately charged with felony aggravated domestic battery and misdemeanor causing a child to be endangered.

He was prohibited in that case from having any contact with the stepson.