Woman charged with attempting to stab people at Mt. Vernon truck stop

JEFFERSON COUNTY — A bona fide doubt to the mental fitness of a 26-year-old Champaign woman was entered Monday in Jefferson County Court following her weekend arrest at a local truck stop.

According to Mt. Vernon Police Chief Trent Page, officers arrested Cierra Lewis Sunday after they responded to reports from the Huck’s Travel Center reporting a woman trying to stab people on the property.

Page says one reporting person said he was in the gaming room of the truck stop when a woman wearing a bra and shorts began beating on the door then lunged at him with a knife.

One person did reportedly suffer a small laceration in the incident but did not require medical treatment.

Lewis apparently went into the kitchen of the business where she took the knife allegedly used in the numerous encounters.

Officers were ultimately able to take Lewis into custody and transported her to the Jefferson County Jail where she was formally charged via video court Monday morning with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

During the video proceedings, Lewis reportedly was non-responsive as she was advised of the charge and her rights, and instead told the court she makes a lot of money and works more hours than the court.

A preliminary hearing and first appearance with a court-appointed attorney was scheduled for July 7 and an order of bona fide doubt about the defendant’s mental fitness was entered.