Tom Cruise Works on New Stunt

Tom Cruise is already practicing one of the “crazy stunts” that he will do in Mission: Impossible 8. Yep, just finished filming for seven, and he’s already rearing for eight! He will be flying a World War 2 biplane called “The Boeing Stearman Model 75”. “It’s obviously a highly skilled task but as usual he…read more

No Time To Die Finally In Theaters

After many COVID-related setbacks, No Time To Die has made it to theaters! This will be Daniel Craig’s last run as 007.  He has done four Bond movies total. Fun fact: this is the longest Bond movie, at 2 hours and 43 minutes. For more on the long-awaited film and a little more of what…read more

Renée Zellweger To Wear Fatsuit in Next Role

“The Thing About Pam” is a series on NBC with RENÉE ZELLWEGER playing the part of Pam Hupp, who is a real-life murderer. For this role, Renee has to wear a fat suit.  Will she receive any backlash? When Sarah Paulson did it, she was “accused of promoting fat-phobia by wearing fat suits for roles.” Renee…read more

10 Facts About Your Fave Horror Movies

1.  “The Exorcist” was the first horror movie to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar in 1974. 2.  STANLEY KUBRICK allegedly typed out all 500 of the “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” pages for “The Shining”. 3.  “Psycho” is the first American film to show a toilet on-screen and the first you can hear a toilet…read more

Marvel Universe Sidekicks: Ranked

Someone at took the time to rate and rank the sidekicks in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from the best to the worst. What do you think of the list? 1.  War Machine in the “Iron Man” and “Avengers” movies . . . played by Don Cheadle. 2.  Luis in the “Ant-Man” movies . . . played by Michael Pena. 3.  Valkyrie in “Thor:…read more

Dancing With the Stars Cast List

The 30th… yes thirtieth season of Dancing With the Stars is upon us, and the castlist has been announced. The show will premier on Monday, September 20th. The celebrities are… 1.  Jimmie Allen . . . country singer.   2.  Melanie C . . . Sporty Spice from the Spice Girls.   3.  Christine Chiu . . . “Bling Empire”.   4.  Brian Austin…read more

The Bridgerton Experience

If you love “Bridgerton” then you may want to check out “The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience”. This is coming to Los Angeles, Chicago, Montreal, and Washington D.C. at first. “Attendees will be transported back in time to Regency-era London for an evening of performances and cocktails.  They’ll even have a chance to earn the…read more