MARION COUNTY — The Marion County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Valor was injured over the weekend when a 53-year-old Salem man allegedly stabbed him multiple times in the neck.

Earl Morlan (Source: MCSO)
Earl Morlan
(Source: MCSO)

According to the sheriff’s office, they responded to a call in the 600 block of Medlin Road in Walnut Hill for a report of a man, now identified as Earl Morlan, in their yard with a gun and allegedly threatening to kill everyone.

Morlan reportedly fled into the woods near the home and was heard warning that he had a gun, people to help him, and would still kill them.

Deputies urged Morlan multiple times to come out or the K-9 would be sent in and he would be bit. Valor was ultimately deployed and deputies quickly heard the dog growling and someone groaning.

As deputies entered the woods the found Valor had Morlan who was stabbing the dog in the neck with a knife. Deputies reportedly kicked the knife out of Morlan’s hands, but the man continued to fight the dog.

Deputies subsequently used a Tazer to get Morlan under control, cuffed him, and took him into custody. He suffered minor bite wounds that reportedly did not require hospital treatment and a veterinary examination of Valor’s wounds confirmed they were consistent with being stabbed, but did not require stitches at the time.

Morlan was transported to the Marion County Jail on charges of aggravated battery and aggravated assault. He reportedly told deputies during questioning later that he was trying to kill the dog.